So today me and 5 of my friends are paying truth or dare btw were 17...(were a group of boys) and the whole group here is well me Alex and my friends sam, bobby (aka..bob) , jacob, Dan and Jack its my turn "bob truth or dare" he quickly with zero regret says "dare"...i get a evil smile on my face and say "go to the neighbors house knock on the door and ask for an extra small condom" Bob says "no" (the way we play of u say no to a dare u get beaten up by everybody in the group) u sure i ask he says "fine I'll do it." He slowly walks outside (were in a phone call so we know he does it) and up to the neighbors door and knocks (note: it's late at night) the wife of the house answers and asks "what do you need young man" bob says "I need. "

Story is told by zombie killer