So once I was living inside a big house I didn't really know much about it all I knew was it was a butchers home.

I didn't really think of it until one late night I arrived home at 23:47 the first thing I see on my Welcome mat is a butcher knife its a bit rusted so I thought kids were messing with me I just kicked it out of the way but as soon as I open the door blood starts coming out from under the door I then slam it opened and yelled
"I caught you"
But to my surprise no one is in my house I then start smellying something like a body decomposing
when I turn the light there's blood everywhere I then hear a chopping sound it came from the living room I went to go check it out

It was the butcher cutting the next door kid Jim I screamed in horror cause Jim is still twitching. I run out of that house full speed never to enter it again.

Story is told by DEADBRAINZ


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Ghost girl 78

Good story DEADBRAINZ it was Awesome!