Hey Sorry can't say my name right now not a good time. Anyway if your are reading this burn it with all your might. Why? Well... Here's the story. When I was very very young me and my family moved to a farm on the outskirts of town, so we were the only ones out there. My family had lots of crops to take care of so I was usally just left in the field to play. Well one day when I was in the field I saw something shinning in the golden corn field. It was a knife. I dicided to play with the kinfe until I saw a man. He looked at me and said come into the field. As he started walking to me ready to kidnap me. I saw another man then another than another until there were hundreds. i tried screaming for my family but they were nowhere to be seen. Then all the men began to shreak until they ripped themselves from there own flesh and turned into the inside out flesh humans. As I sit there in horror I couldn't move as there jaws were hanging by threads and as they came closer and closer....................................

Part 2?

Story is told by Ghost girl 78


awesome. pt 2 please.


Woah hell yeah part 2!


Part 2

Ghost girl 78

Thanks XxAnonymousXx


Definitely part 2



Ghost girl 78

Yes I'm alive. -_-