They all say I'm just crazy,
When they see me they whisper and say I'm shady,
I tell them I hear agonising screams,
I tell them I hear them in my dreams,
They laugh at me and walk away,
Leaving me standing there in the cold day,
I hear it at night whenever I try to sleep,
They sound so violent, I put my head under my sheets,
It didn't take me long to realise who's scream it was,
It was mine, after all this time I didn't realise cuz,
I was too scared,
Now I know, I was the one screaming,

Story is told by XxAnonymousxX


Nice man

zombie killer

Great stories!!!!!

Ghost girl 78

You should be a poet and that's the same title as deadbrainz so oof.


I noticed that right after I posted it too, I didn't see the title of your story before I made it


Its strange how my story and yours have the sane name