One day when I was returning home from my bestie Riyaz's house with my sister Kimkardesion, I saw a car with 2 girls on it, busy on their phones. We were scared and so, we called him. He finally sent us home. After returning home, me and Kim said the whole story to our parents

Next morning, we saw our bestie Riza talking with Riyaz. We didn't know that Riza was Riyaz's sister, instead w thought they were just friends. So we just talked with them.

While we were returning home after hanging out, we saw the same girls talking with a boy. The boy was looking like 5 year old. Riza saw this and said, "These girls doesn't have any house and so they roam around in the streets." We just listened to it and then went back home.

Next morning, we saw those girls dead in the road. And those girls were one person. And that was me...

Story is told by Baby Blue

WitchCraft 101

Lmao and she tries to deny it 😂

Spooky girl

Nice and scary....good job!!!

Black Cat

Quite obvious huh mina?

Baby Blue

Who is Shreya?

Baby Blue

What is wrong


ew its shreya.