I day at night I was xoming back from my shoting
I saw something crazy.their was a girl crying near a house which was locked for 10 years and the jouse also known as hunted house.
At first I was a little bit scared by seeing the girl crying their.
After that I thought to help that little girl.the girl was looking like 10 year old .
When I tried to help her she was saying"do you wanna pleay with me,please I don't wanna be alone we can play fir ever.
I was so scared I tried to run away but my body started to freez .
I was so scared at that movement .
After that I don't know what happend to me and who took me to my house.
The next day when I was going to my shoting so many people gadared their I was so confised and scared.
They gadered in front of that house.
When I went their to look what happend I saw the same girl dead,laying their .
I was thinking that it is not true but it was true
The last night what ever happend to me was true

Story is told by kimkardesion

Spooky girl

Great story...

Baby Blue