So, I just wanted to say something.

King George iii, yes was mad. It was disease called Porphyria. After scientist studied the only sample of King George iii hair, they found the disease. They had told everyone that the disease was the reason he was insane.

And I agree.

Once, a women attacked King George, then the King beat the women to death with his specter. King George got no prison sentence, and didnt even have to step down. People where so shocked with his sudden actions, that they started rebelling against him. This wasnt helping his case, first he had America against him, and now his people.

Now, The Battle Of Yorktown. The country of Britain had a lost at this battle, George, His wife; Whom's father was a German duke; and their 15 produced children, where left in shame upon the country. That situation left him in stress, yes, but after he applied the 'Stamp Act'; It became more stressful. People started throwing the tea into the sea, and almost set King George's house on fire.

In 1778 George lapses into a months-long period of violent insanity. He had to be restrained with striaghtjackets and suffered various treatments as crisis of rule unfolded around him. He recovered the next year thankfully. But, he slipped into another round of insanity in 1801 and recovered.

In 1810, he slipped into his final illness. Only a year later his son, the future George IV, became prince. George iii died blind, deaf and mad on January 29, 1820. Again, his illnesses may have been caused by Porphyria.

So with this said, King George iii was a mentally exhausted king. And the most mad one we will ever learn about.

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