This incident made me scared very much, but still I use TikTok.

Once, I was making a video in TikTok in my fav song Shape of You. I did it very well. But when I was seeing the preview, I was seeing that my eyes were red, someone was peeping from my back without any head. I was scared very much but continued...

Finally, everything was perfect but my title was changing into a scary thing. It was 'My fav song' and changed into 'Never do videos in this song or else you will be killed.'

Whatever, from the next time it didn't happen again and I am now having 3.8m fans and 86.7m hearts...

Story is told by riyaz



Walter White

You are fake



Spooky girl

I mean Riyaz is a popular creator

Spooky girl

@riyaz.14 I am a popular creator

Black Cat



Bruh are you here for publicity or like what?


Which one is it I can't find it


I deleted tiktok recently and I'd check it out if it'd let me download it.


If you guys don't believe then you can download TikTok and search for @Riyaz.14 and the first one is my account....and check it