(Day 1)
I shouldn't have summoned this demon in my life what was I thinking I'm such an idiot.

(Day 2)
I tried to sleep but this demon keeps getting closer and closer I don't know what to do it just keeps coming nothing can stop it.

(Day 3)
I can't sleep I...I....I must stay awake I can't let it get me I shouldn't go to sleep it told me stay awake.

(Day 4)
My eyes are screaming to go to sleep but it's coming making it's way to me hahahaha

(Day 5)
I saw when I was laying on my bed it's laughing at me just grining waiting for me to sleep.

(Day 6)
I can hear banging on my door ohhh no its in my room I can hear I see it red eyes in the dark......

(Day 7)

Story is told by DEADBRAINZ