We finally moved to New York. I had wanted to live in New York my entire life. Me and my mom and my dad had moved our entire life from Seattle. My dad transferred jobs so we were able to do it pretty swiftly. The only problem is my dads job couldn’t afford much. So we end up in a beat up little apartment in well , the ghetto. Our apartment complex was definitely somewhere ghost adventures had visited more than once. Everything went fine the first couple weeks we moved in. We were there probably 6 weeks before it all started every night at 3am I’d hear it above me *pop* *pop* *bang* *bang* *stomp* *stomp* *stomp* it keeps me up all night. I try to tell my mom and dad but they just stare at me like I’m crazy. They don’t even say anything back. It’s like their in a daze. The cops showed up when I finally called them instead of talking to my parents. They said they found blood upstairs and what looked to be a pistol but that no one had lived in that apartment for a long time. I wonder if they are going to find out what happened. I told mom and dad as they were sitting on the couch. They gave me that same blank stare. I don’t think they realize how nervous I am for when the cops find out it was their blood. New York really changes a person. I’m so happy we moved here.

Story is told by KittyKitty97


Love the ending!


Great story, good job!!!