Tears keep falling.. demons keep forming.. Tears keep falling demons keep forming what do I do stuck in this emptyness while the shadow stares at you.. When you're the sacrifice.. when they pick you from anyone else. All the mixed emotions fills up to your head and you can't focus on what's going on and it's like they've already killed you without touching you and you try to scream but it turns into a whimper and you can't hide your emotions and the demons keep crowding near you and you can't hide! But not only demons.. you can't even explain where you are, how you are, what you are! But.. Time is running and and you can either be the sacrifice or let someone else be it but their your friends and they didn't want you to be the sacrifice but you were chosen and they didn't try to help they glare - with a smile. Like it were them who picked you as a sacrifice. But bo, your mind forces the negative on you when you know it seems possible but you know that's not it but you start screaming...

And realise this isn't even real. Its just a pathetic dream. But you believe the lie..

I think this might get deleted but if you manage to read it I hope you like it..

Story is told by ♡Catalina♡

yo, peir, wanna come out here? hahaa