Ever look at the clock,
You probably may just wanted to know the time,
Look at the clock as I'm telling you this rhyme,
It's always ticking,right,
No your wrong, It is picking,
Picking the ones it will kill
Wheather it be car crash,murder, or even a pill,
One will always die as it ticks
I know this because I am taking the hits,
You still looking at the clock,
Watch it hit 12 and you'll be shocked,
As now it's 11:59,
And it's now my time,
Wait for the agonising scream,
Oh its not just me that will die, We all go down as a team

Story is told by XxAnonymousxX


Lol thnx but this definitely was not my best work, I've written stuff a lot better

Ghost girl 78

Its so good you need to a write a book because I would totally buy it.


Well written