I have to find them, they thought. That was the only thing they were think. The only thing they could think. The trance took over their mind and body, making them go deeper into the wood. Crows calls should have been a warning to turn back. But the voice echoed louder in the wind "follow the river to find me" the voice echoed louder "follow the river". They did what they were told, one foot after another, following the slow moving river. The fish swam through the river. Splashing water as they jump. One of the fish took notice of them, the fish took pity on them walking in a trance, off to who knows were. The fish followed them down the river, jumping up and down. Splashing water on their feet, trying to get them to notices it. They didn't notice the fish helplessly trying to get their attention. The fish gave it one more try, jumping higher up. The fish jumped to high next to the bank of the river. The fish landed in the mud, just beyond their next steps. In a trance they took no notices to the fish and a bear foot hit against the wet slippy scals of the fish. Their foot slipped off the fish and onto the river bank. Trying to stand they placed a foot on the bank, the dirt clumped under their weight sending them into the water. And sending them away with the water and the fish.


Story is told by destroyedmind


Aye good job so far