The feeling of dread came to an Unnerving and Boiling point as I Stare at the Mysterious Figure Standing in my Doorway. After a few mins of What seemed like perpetuity. I felt the urge to step aside, As I did The Figure Drifted and Glided inside. After seeing that I thought, "He floated inside." It Came through the door, As it did The Night sky seemed to Lighten up a bit. The Figure Stopped and Hovered in my living room. I felt the Desire to run and Escape but deep down I knew wouldn't get Away. Instead I locked Eyes with the Mysterious Figure, Deep Red Eyes. But I didn't turn away those eyes were Hypnotic.

As I stared at him, He stared right back. As he did, I Impelled the door Shut. I watched The Figure Just Hovering In my Living Room in utter Dread and Stress. It took me a Minute to procces the Fact, He was Talking to me. When I heard him speak, I began to feel weak and dizzy, On the Edge of losing consciousness. The Last Thing I remember was Looking at him as he spoke words I dared not to Believe... He said "What would You Do if a Loved one returned But There is a drawback, A life for a Life."

ATTENTION: This story belongs to a friend of Mine named It's me Mg. He gave me the Honor of Recreating His Story. Thank You Mg. Enjoy

Story is told by The REAPER


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