Why hello there why won't you let me in

Is it because I'm DEAD inside or because my BRAINZ aren't in my head anymore

Well the only thing I can tell is you don't need to lock your doors cause I'm already inside

Do you hear that scraping sound that's just my DEAD body coming you're way

Ohh you're in for a surprise you should try and hide don't worry I'll count to 25 ready or not here I come HAHAHAHAHAH!!!

you're hiding in you're closet maybe under you're bed or in your basement mmm... well you don't need to hide cause I'm right next to you

You don't need to scream no one will hear you while im digging my claws through you're leg oh you're screams so precious just tearing you're flesh ohh all the blood on the wall just like a painting if only the night was longer who ever reads this all I can say is

Try you're best to hide cause I'm already inside hahahaha


Story is told by DEADBRAINZ


Thnx English isn't my first language its Portuguese

Its me MG

Your is the correct spelling you're is you are. Just friendly advice. Good story