When I was a kid maybe 10 or 11 years old. Me and my friend where hanging out in front of her house,with a few of our other friends. It was a hot summer night around 9:50 pm. We just had put the grill out half our before from a bbq we had earlier that day.
I told my friend jessica Ill be right back im going to call my mom.
Before I could walk in Ms Purnell opened the door and said your mom just called she left the door open for you and dont forget her plate. When I turned around to talk back with Jessica. Her,Darin and bobby was standing over in the baseball field in front of Ms Purnells house talking to some strange looking person. She had a black cape on and it was very raggedy,like torn cloth. She was surrounded by a bunch of cats, I was so confused. But I can hear her telling my friends come here my little kitties I got treats for you all,her voice was so raspy it creeped me out . So I yelled out to my friends, GET AWAY FROM HER My friends thought it was cool to talk to a complete stranger. I was scared but I wanted to see her face. I couldnt see it from where I was standing,so I begin to walk closer,thats when Darin asks whats wrong with your face. I stopped right in my tracks and took a deep breath, I said Darin what do you mean. He said come, come take a look. And omg! I was so frightened when I saw her face. It was horrible,her face was so old and pale looking,her skin was like dust. Her nose was long and curved at the end and I dont think she had any teeth. It was so strange because we couldnt see her eyes. All she kept saying was come here my little kitties I have treats for you all. I thought i'd never see one and im still not sure but I think what me and my friends saw was a real life witch. I almost puked in my mouth from the reaking stinch coming from her. We all began to cough and cover our noses,jessica said you smell really bad can you leave now. So thats when her sharp black molded nails came out,and she let out a high pitch scream. That left my ears with a ringing sound in them for almost a week. Ms Purnell ran outside and some other neighbors too Ms Purnell said eww whats that smell it stinks. Who is this I said we dont know she just came out of nowhere and she keeps asking us to come with her. So Ms Dorsy one of the neighbors told the strange old lady to leave. She said go! get out of here and leave these children alone. And im telling you what we saw next was unexplainable. The witch floated backwards in a fog and disappeared.
Til this day i'll never know exactly what we experienced that night
But it will forever send chills down my spine.

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