Hi am mr. Stump I'm a teacher at an elementary school it was recces time Avery kid always go's down to the flowers and picks them until one day I look away and then BOOM I turn and a kids face blown in I was sicknd to my stomach I threw up and BOOM another the kids arm was gone the man took him and just drug him in to the woods I ran to go get the kid I tripped on a rock sprag my ankle I rold on to my back and held my ankle then all I remember is hearing leaves and turning around and getting the shotgun stock to my head. It's been 2 hour's I wake up and Im in a broken down cabin I try to get out but I was chand to the bed at this point I emeidetly gave up then I fell oh sleep the behind me in hear a whisper "the in the woods". Wait till next time

Story is told by thegotbot n