"Shivering" is this how I die oh god no wait what. "Very faint voice's in back" professor oak stop and surrondor. Never. We have commands that we can fire if needed. Well "injects self" mhh. He's pulling out a gun fire. "Bang bang bang". Hey you guys help I'm in here. Dr sullz unlock it. On it. "Unlocking door". "Srugls for air" thx. How long you been in here Mr sullz. Dr actually but um I don't now how long. Let's get you some where safe. Plz do. Hey sullz your up. Ah my head hurts. It looks like you've been struck in the head by a bat. Wait were is the other garud at. You mean taler. Yes he he got caught by it. Fu$) what in the hell is IT. Dr sullz look we. No I won't an answer now. Look. "Bang bang bang" ahhhhhhhh mmhhhhhhhh uhhhhhhh. What the. Stay here sullz I'll be back. wait no damn. "Loud screaming". f this what in the hell did oak do to my leg well at least I have it back. "Power gos out" oh sh&) you gotta be kidding me mhh ah aha a flashlight "Flickring lights" come on were is the backup jen. Hey you. Oh sh$) stay back. I'm not going to kill you ok. Ok oh hay where's is the backup Jen it's in the documents room hurt before It gets you. Why can't you come with me. I would if I co "bang" ahhhhhhhh. Oh god wait oak. Dr sullz I told you to not look away. Oh sh$) stay back. Until next time on don't look away.

Story is told by thegotbot n