" Sirens" "Lock down we need all military guards at gate B test subject "unknown" has been broken out I repeat subject "unknown" has been broken out all employees stay in your rooms and stay down low" Agh mm how am I still alive ahhhh it hurts wait what "Door unlocked" Yes help me Im in here. Dr sullz is that you. Yes it's me. Hang on were coming for you. Thank you so much. Oh what happened to your legs. That thing chud one of. Who locked you in here. It was professor oak. Don't worry Dr sullz we got him covered but right now we gota find you a place to hide you at. That sounds great aghhh hmm it f'ing hurts. Come on get up. Aghhhh. There we go sullz. Shhhhh. What. Sullz shhhh. Is that oak. Yes it's him wait listen. No oak listen we have to stop this now. No jack were gonna finish what we started. No I refuse to use eny more of my energy. Listen here jack don't forget your still a test subject lock him u. Noooo stop. Fool power. But sir. Now. "Fool power initiated". Aghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Oh god so that's what you guys been up to. Sullz I had no idea. Now you both know. What the ahh. Nooo. Shut up sullz "bang" aghh I thought I told you not look away sullz now it's out well good for me at least I get paid oh let's fix up that leg. no oak no. Put him in. I'll get you. The end or is it

Story is told by thegotbot n