Hi my name is sullz I don't have much time but if u get this tell everyone ok plz I beg of u I have t "lound bang" it's here "growling" I I I gota go "loud breatheing" oh shit "run" stay back u sick twisted fu ahhhhhhh come on play my story yes it sent no no noo AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. Me.is this thing on Blake. Here let me see Cody. Come on guys its not that har.... "Camra on. recording log 278" Me. Blake is it supposed to do that Blake. Sullz come down and yes it is Me. Ok. Hey were is Lory and Emily. Cody. Out back in the car Me. Well um oh hi my name is sullz Im here with my friends and were doing a documentary on an abandoned cult house legends say that a serial killer is roaming around killing teen just like us. Lory. Oh shut up sullz Blake. What tipe of name is that Me. Screw of oh man it's about to die well it's like 6:39... The end or is it.

Story is told by thegotbot n