"Audio log" 238" "Dr.sullz. Subject "unknown" is in critical condition multiple cuts, wounds, bone fractures, multiple tissue lose. Now I'm gonna take a quick reaction te... "Growling" "What the what is that thing u guys told me it was a subject not a beast hey I'm talking to u "Laughing" sorry Mr sullz this visit is being cut short were having some difficultes with the door"BANG" oops "chuckling" have fun oh and Dont look AWAY. "Hey wait are you f&$(g crazy I'll have you dead you sick twisted f&)k. "Loud growling" "F&$k oh s&)t no no no no open up please open the f&)&/g door please. "Hevy breathing" Stay back no no no AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

Story is told by Thegotbot n


I'm new here and I am really inspired to make more stories