A group of my friends and I decided to go to one of the most haunted hotels for a night. We brought cameras so we could capture something if anything would happen and I’m glade we did. This hotel is known for all the murders and drug deals and other weird crazy things. Even the black daleah was killed here. The hotel is even proud of it and show cases all the people who where murdered here. There is a total of 4 of us and we decided to stay in the presidential suite. Which has two floors. And they happen to be on the most haunted floors of the hotel. We get all settled in and just explore the giant room. We then found an elevator that does not work anymore. We closed it up and went up stairs. Our friend then found the piano and started be obnoxious with it. We told him to stop and he closed up the piano. We get some food and just watch some family guy. All of a sudden we hear a loud bang come from the lower floor. I grab the camera and we all go investigate. When he got the the bottom floor we saw the elevator door opened. We all freak out and look around the room just Incase someone was messing with us. We then hear something like a piano key being played so we all run back up to see the piano opened. We all freak out and we then decided on what we should do. Some of us wanted to leave but we told each other we would stay all night. We then decided to try and communicate with whatever is there. We sit at the table and light some candles. I read off the internet on what and how to communicate with whatever we are trying to talk to. We all connect hands and throughout it all we hear little noises here and there. We then put our heads down to try and start communicating. We all say together if something is here give us a sign. We wait a few seconds then all of a sudden a gust of wind just comes through blowing out all the candles. We all jump up and run to the other part of the room. We all start freaking out but we decided to stay. We just watched tv for the rest of the night and not much happened after. A few days later we look back on the footage and we notice right before the gust of wind we see our friend lift up his head and kinda shake almost as if something went inside him just seconds before the candles where blown out. This storie is not mine but based of the youtubers sam and Colby. If you would like to actually see this visually go to their channel and check out their video.

Story is told by jayP