People in my neighbourhood say that scary movies are not real, And that it is made for us kids or teenagers to get scared! I always see bad things in my head, I look up, As if I know I will kill, People’s dead body’s on the floor, dead People in my neighbourhood now say some are true to scary us all, One night I looked up, A dead man looked back, Had a grin, A sinister one, He asked me questions everyday, All the time I said I don’t know, He knew I lied and wanted him gone, He said tell me the truth! One day I did, He went from my brain, To someone I hated, They died!! I thought it was my fault, But he told me to look up and kill, So I did, I got arrested! Look up in your sleep, Do you see his face, You probably don’t, Check behind you! HE IS THERE TO KILL YOU!!!!

Story is told by hafsa_thestoryteller