Oky before everybody says this fake no it happened to me so let's begin.

Two nights ago I was laying on my bed when all of a sudden I hear knocking I open my door nobody's there I hear the knocking getting louder then I realized it was coming from my walls I just shook it of as a racoon was stuck or something.

I fell asleep 2 hrs later when I woke due to hearing banging it was plain dark all I saw was white eyes I looked in the eyes and all I saw was what had happened to them (people were killed in my house) they were murded in my house chopped into pieces their hearts sold in the black market all of a sudden I hear whispering saying "Free us all" every time I blink another one appeared I was completely surrounded.

I look at my clock its 5:59 almost six when the last thing I hear is "We will find you and surround you" I then went into shock cause the voice sounded like my brother who died 2 years ago.

Story is told by DEADBRAINZ