NOTICE: please look at part 1 or else... Because you won't understand ok onto the story! - < -

After I heard my brother scream I saw him coming out of the basement. He looked very demonic and he kept saying DON'T LOOK. I ran upstairs and closed the door and locked it. As I heard my brother's footsteps coming to my door I saw a woman and she just stared at me. she stared walking to me, while she was walking to me I saw that she had red eyes, but I could here my brother outside my door saying DON'T LOOK, DON'T LOOK! it sounded like he was saying something after it then, the woman said look at my eyes. My brother was just trying to warn me but it was to late.

Part 3?

Story is told by Ghost girl 78

Ghost girl 78

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Part 3!