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Hello i'm Emily and I have a fear of the dark. I know its stupid but whatever. Anyway my parents anways tell me to stay away from the basement ( not like I was going in there anyway).
But as a teenager sometimes you always wonder whats down there. Well one time my parents went out for the evening so I had to stay home by myself with my big brother. Before they left My parents said '' don't go into the basement''! We said ok. Anyway my brother decides to go into the basement. I tell him '' what if there something down there'' he said '' it'll be fine chicken'' so he went down then and a hour past by, than another and a another than, *scream* what was that?

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A: her brother comes out demonic

B: some terrifying soul comes out of the darkness

C: nothing - < -

Story is told by Ghost girl 78




Btw I choose A


Nice I like it

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