I just got an Xbox One I'm not really that much of a gamer but so on a few hours later I hear knocking on my door but when I open the door no ones there except with a Game but this time the DVD had no name so I assume one of my friends sent me it to joke with me.

So I play the game and that's where I feel chills down my spine yep its a horror game but what makes it worse is that it takes place in an insane asylum so after a few minutes I turn of my Xbox and fall asleep but every step I take my heart beats faster and faster until I see a doctor with blood all over him I rub my eyes and he just disapears so I continue to bed and wonder was real or just my mind playing with me.

So the next day I play the game again but this time the doctor has gone mad and just rips the patients arm off and rips out his eye to so I switch it off again cause it was dusgusting so I went upstairs to get my phone when I do I hear my mom screaming when I go to here room there she is with no arm and no eye she had died then I heard laughter when I look outside my moms room there's no one there then I hear a whisper it said

If I was you I would finish it wouldn't you agree Mike.

At this point my heart is beating I'm crying like never before I call the cops they arrive.

I sit down and toughen up I switch my Xbox on I continue the game until the end after beating it I thought I had finished what I started but I passed out on the sofa I wake up to see myself in a operating room I thought I was dreaming but I wasn't I then see the doctor laughing and laughing he just starts cutting my limbs off with a cleaver one by one while I'm screaming in agony blood spills all over the place

I hope no one ever plays the game..........The End or is it

Well I couldn't make part two so hope you enjoy this one and I changed the whole story as well

Story is told by DEADBRAINZ


Aye Man This is Hella Dope