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(Phone Recording Day 1)
As I Watched her Through Her window, I Thought, "My God She does Look Beautiful in this Peaceful night. She has the most Beautiful Long Brunette Hair, It reached up to her Curved hips. Damn she has to be around 22 or 23 years of age. I can't help but Notice her she has an hour Glass Figure, That's very rare now-a-days. She has the Brightest Blue eyes i have ever seen. She is Truely a Remarkable Creature I have Laid my eyes on. I Really want her to be mine." I glanced at my Phone screen and looked at the time "Damn it!" I Muttered under my voice. It's 1:35am Time to Sneak Away before her Boyfriend Finds me it their Garden Bush.

(Phone Recording Day 2)
I Can't Help myself but stare at her while she is brushing her hair, I must Say the Adrenaline of knowing i could get caught by her or her Boyfriend is Overwhelming and it gets me kind of Excited. I Must have her. She is such a Beauty. But I have to keep it on the Low. Real Soon Though she will be mine but I need to Be Patient. I Want to Hear her Breath when she lies down and Hear her heart beat. I also wanna feel The warmth from her cute petit Body near me. Or better yet On me...

(Phone Recording Day 3)
Just Found out Her Name. Her name is Maria and Her Boyfriend is Named Adrian, I found a Love Letter By Adrian in their Trashcan. The Letter Reads, "Dear Maria, You make me Happy and I never want to let you Go. I Love You so much. You are my everything and you are my life and Soulmate. Sincerely Adrien." So she is Mexican dating a British Guy, Weird she looks white. Anyway Today is the day She Will be mine. 8:30pm, So in 4 Hours she will be mine...

Phone Recording Update:
"I Broke into Maria's Home through her Upstairs window, I heard the TV downstairs and I slowly Crept down The stairs slowly and Saw her Lying down and Watching the Television. I slowly Walked towards her and Watched over her for a couple of mins or so. The Urge to Grab her and have my way was Very hard to resist but I refused the Urge. I held my breathe and Hovered above her without her Noticing. I Grabbed a Hammer and with one Good Swing of the hammer i knocked her unconscious. I grabbed her hands and Feet Binded them with Zip-Ties and Carried her perfect body out the back door and walked through a Dark alley. I slowly Walked to my Home without no witnesses and she is In My Basement as we Speak."

(Phone Recording Day 4)
I Have Maria On a Table in my Basement, At first Maria Started Crying and screaming. I Placed a Cloth in her mouth Gagging her, I Blindfolded Her and she is Bounded to the table with chains. Seeing her Gag and Cry was Very pleasing and Satisfying to me. I Loved the Way she's Begging for her life. She is Really Incredible.

(Phone Recording Day 5)
Maria Is Dead, I slit her throat and Drained her of her blood into Medium sized Jars. Found out There was a police Report of her Abduction and 2 Police officers Knocked on my door, They asked if I knew anything and I replied No. They said if I knew anything I should contact them. I Smiled and said ok. I must Say I am a very Good actor.

(Phone Recording Day 6)
Maria's body is perfect, I grabbed a marker and drew small dotted lines on her face. I grabbed a kitchen knife and I slowly made Small Cuts along the dotted lines and Slowly I peeled off her Skin of her face and Stripped her flesh off her Frame. I sewed each Piece of her skin together and made a Skin Mask. I tried it on and it smelled really good, I cut and skinned her Torso and made a Lamp, I used the skin of her legs and made a Belt, I sawed off her spine and Detachted her skull. I sawed off her top of her skull and Removed her brain. I made a Skull Cup, I poured her blood into her skull and Sipped it while wearing her mask...

(Phone Recording Day 7)
As I wore Maria's Face on mine, I felt it attaching it to me. I used the rest of her skin and bones to make a necklace out of her Toes, I made a couple of rings out of her teeth, I made a Balloon out of of her stomach, I made a shirt and Pants out of her bladder and Kidneys. Not to brag but I made Bone Shoes from her Feet and hands. Little by little Maria was Becoming Part of me.

(Phone Recording part 8)
Maria's Face is Morphing and Decomposing, Today Is my last day to wear it but I might wear it a little longer. I thought if I did it once and got away, Why can't I Do it again? Maybe get a new mask and Furniture, But I Like the Thrill of Getting away and the Blood rushing through My Body.

(Phone Recording Day 9)
I watched her through her window and thought "My God, She does Look Beautiful Tonight, she has the most Beautiful Short blonde hair. I can't help but get excited while watching her brush her hair. I Took off The Mask and Held it close to me and smelled it. I thought "It would be a shame if something happened to her. Wouldn't you agree Maria?" I slipped the mask back on and Silently Watched Her brush her hair...

Story is told by The REAPER


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