Whenever your deep in thought,
You start to zone out, that's what I've been taught,
Do you ever think of your own dimension,
Simply created just by your imagination,
I think of something different,
I imagine fire, burning the corpses on the floor,
I see well-dressed people spit at the poor,
I see people cry in agony as they burn,
And to avoid the site, others just simply turn,
I see children running around crying,
Whilst the others just stop trying,
I see the murderers run around and looking for prey
Leaving the corpses on the floor to lay,
I wonder about what I think,
As I watch my mother just sink,
"What a wonderful realm"

Story is told by XxAnonymousxX


Just a quick note none of the stories I mark are from the net. They are just simply created by imagination when I'm deep in thought


It's awesome

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Great story keep up the good work