The Whispers.. They kept coming. It crept me out more how I'm the only mortal human being on this planet. I hated it. Suddenly, I heard shuffling in a narrow corner of the forest. I could feel the pain that I'd be going through If I was caught.
Suddenly, I felt a strangling pain in my throat, I started choking like mad - and then, I realised.. I wasn't controlling myself. In fact, I was stupidly and creepily being controlled by some sort of.. Demon? And it hadn't bothered me the most out of my 50+ more problems. Except not for when that insane, sick lady came running at me with a taped mouth with painful stitches, overgrown bangs and and a chainsaw. And that's when I realised she was my own mother who was in love with me and treated me like a lovely daughter yesterday. And now she's the woman that strangled my tight throat. Writing 'WHAT HAPPENS WHEN.." Except when she had been killed, she had landed ontop.

Story is told by Mariam


Cool beans

Unknown Problem

Interesting, and very magpie some ideas.


This story is actually kind of more a Suspense story.



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