" Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. " "Today we will be entering the chambers of nightmarish conflicts and realistic horrors of life. " "This. Is. Nightmare Radio! " The radio made a white noise before pausing and starting up again. This was a regular occurrence when weather was like this. Natalie shifted impatiently sitting on the floor near the radio. She had school the next morning and if it kept being interrupted like this it would take all night for her to finish the episode. Natalie's mother called from the kitchen to get ready for bed. "Hold on, Ma! " Natalie shouted back. "I hope you're not listening to that " Nightmare Radio" Thing, it's all scary garbage " Natalie's mother replied rounding the corner from the kitchen and entering the Den where Natalie was sitting. "What do you mean? I watch these episodes every night! " Natalie slipped as silence settled between them making the air heavy and tense. "I told you to stop listening to those episodes you know they're scary.. Too scary for a little girl your age. " Natalie's mothers tone was irritable. Her body language made it clear she was upset with Natalie. Natalie could tell her mother was upset by the way she wiped her soapy hands on her apron from washing dishes. "Just let me listen to this last episode! Please Ma? " Natalie begged her mother. She looked at the clock and back to her scrambling young on the floor pleading her. "Fine! One more episode that's it! " Her mother shouted and left the Den in their home. Natalie heard her parents oak door shut as the whole cabin creaked before becoming silent now the only sounds in the house were the dripping of the sink and the static that sometimes cut through the radio. Natalie happily scooted closer to the radio and listened in on the story. "This story is called, Fish Tank. What a funky story title. Anyways. Let's begin. " "There once was a small fish all alone in his own tank by himself. This fish was extremely lonely and bored if it were to have a brain it probably would've went insane already, Thought Martha who sat on the other side of the glass. The fish saw everything in the house. Who was coming over to "visit" Martha's mom while Martha's Dad was away and Martha was at school. What happened when Martha went to bed and her Dad came home holding a glass bottle. What happens when Martha hears yelling between her parents and what happens when no one is home. The fish was probably the wisest of them all. The fish knows all. Not everyone knows what goes on in a he based off one person from that home because, well, that person isn't aware of what happens when their not home. And sometimes it will stay like that. You have to stay home for a long time on order to know all that goes on. And you can't tell anyone cause you're still at home. Watching the "normal" Over and over. The fishes life was cut short when Martha's father couldn't figure out where to hide his booze so he poured it in the fish tank. The fish wasn't aware that it was dying all he knew he was busy watching the chaos in the house. " The radio made a Irruppt noise before cutting out. Natalie didn't turn around she sat still for a few moments. Natalie stood up and went her father office. He wasn't there at the time. She stepped over broken microphone prices and tangled wires and made her way to an empty fish tank. She looked in the fish tank blankly. "Is that why you left Mr. Fish? Did you tell Dad about the man that Ma brings over? Dad was drunk when he made that radio recording. I know because he got my name wrong. I'm Natalie. Not Martha.

Story is told by Sleep Creep


It was actually funny. I liked it.😁