I came into the room and I didn’t switch on the light if I did maybe things would be alright. It slowly came behind me while I reached for my keys I locked my door and now it was with me. I saw it’s horrifying and disgusting face running at me with such pace it jumped at me and looked straight into my eye and it told me such a great lie. “You will survive this mighty night” It put its claws right through my chest And told me my existence was but a test I lay on the ground still like a dead bug It got its hand and reached for my heart It ripped it out, and now it’s done it’s part

Story is told by mysterious mirror_x


Hello, darkness, my old friend

Cool story btw

I've come to talk with you again

Because a vision--


Damn! It's cool


No problem

mysterious mirror_x

XxAnonymousxX pretty much told me what to write so I don’t deserve all the credit. Thanks to him though