As I walked into my local library,I felt at peace. I love the way libraries are so organized, not only are books separated by genre but are also placed in alphabetical order. Library is a place of poetry,a place of silence. I like this quiet atmosphere.

I search the shelves for an arousing story. I browse many different sections,coming across the horror section. Finding one, I go towards the common area and sit near a young lady. She wore a tightly fitted white blouse and skinny jeans. Her hair flowed past her shoulders. Her facial features are soft, and enjoyment radiated from her. I found her attractive. I began reading and became more fascinated by the story. My heart raced as the Prosecutor approached Mr.Sungyeo....

A group of young adults walked into the library,yelling and cheering at each other while I read a tale, a baby,child or even an adult cries​, screams or yells. IT'S FRUSTRATING!! It takes me away from my mysterious land. My blood begins to boil from anger.

It's like they are laughing at me! Their eyes scream at me! Humiliating me! I will show them! I will show them all! One of these days I'll rip their voice boxes out. One of these days I'll gouge their eyes out!! I'll laugh as blood drips from my hands.

I'm not mad! How can you say that I'm mad???? I can and will kill them! I will do it slowly and quietly! No mad person would be able to accomplish what I'll do with such skill, such organization! But today is not the day! I'll kill them tomorrow!!

I shrugged and closed my book. Today I'll not have my time of rest,soon their will be silence.

I took another glance at the attractive woman.Her blouse was red. Her eyes!! OH MY GOD!! HER EYES!! WHAT A SHAME!! She was such a beauty!But....she is quiet,I like that. I walked past her,walking towards the bookshelf. I had to step over a body. His face looked panicked.... I would be too if my larynx was lying next to me.
Most importantly!!!
He was quiet!!

Story is told by Sshachi


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My thoughts every time I'm trying to read in a library and people just start doing random stuff and talking.

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Great story


I combined some stories of different authors and wrote this