I was walking home from a party but something wasn't right i felt as if something was watching me but when i went to look around no one was there. I felt like i was going to collapse with every breath and when i got home i could barely open the door. I hadn't dunk anything nor eaten, when i finally opened the door i fell straight into the house, and not being able to move gave me a huge chill down my back, looking up only see the white pale face i will never forget as it was looking down at me with big blank wide eyes and a huge broken smile. It's mouth was open so wide i could see the human inside.

Story is told by Horribly horrible


Damn! It is really awesome, buddy! U should write more stories like this, I'll read all of them.👍

WitchCraft 101

It doesn't need to be longer to be scarier. Longness or shortness ( words, words XD) do NOT matter in a spooky story. Even a story with two sentences could be scary. I say great job 👍 pretty creepy.


It needs to be longer to be scarier 0

Ghost girl 78

OMG that is the best story I have ever read good job for making me scared and I hope this encourage you to write more.