There were two college students who happened to be roommates, one of them was a party animal while the other wasn't as outgoing, nevertheless they were pretty good friends. One day they both got invited to a party and a really cute guy from school was going to be there, Jullie (the party animal) was definitely going to be there whereas Natalie (the smart shy one) was not so keen. They had a test the next day so she decided to study. No matter how hard Jullie tried to convince Natalie to go, she just insisted she had to study. Jullie had the night of her life flirting with her crush.Once she got back she was nervous about the test so she went to Natalie for some help, she saw her with her head down on the desk, she looked asleep so she decided not to switch on the light. The next day she expected to see Natalie there getting ready, but she was not out yet. Jullie went to her room and checked on her. This time she saw Natalie still sleeping with a knife stab and lots of blood all over the floor. In big blood letters she saw one the wall
"It's a good thing you didn't switch that light on"

Story is told by XxAnonymousxX


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