I looked at the what my mum had placed before me she said it was from an antique shop in the abandoned street behind my school Iv never been there but my mum decided to go and what she brought seemed abnormally normal it was a long thin mirror that definitely needed a clean my mum sorted the for me as I was left there sat on my bed with the mirror I decided to turn it over there was something about it that creeped me out if I had waited a second more before turning the mirror around I would have seen the reflection of a girl that looked remotely like me but she had no arms or legs just the pale face I saw every night in my dreams

Story is told by mysterious mirror_x


Tbh It's not so creepy but at least u tried and it's a nice story so I liked it, Keep it up! I'll look forward to ur other stories.😊👍👍




Try make more of a twist