So I just moved into a new house very old like built in the 1800s so as I was unpacking I heard

Daddy you won't leave us again.

After a little while I look up at the window and see two little girls twins if I'm sure when I open the door to the house I felt chills in my spine I just shake it of saying to myself

Its a old house its not that bad or is it?

But what I said was a mistake cause after saying it a saw the girls again this time they had blood on them

They said to me:Oh you don't know the horrors in this house do you.

I then turn around to leave but this time theres no door I then turn around again and the house was shaped as a maze I started panicking almost crying then the little girls said.

We will make sure you'll never leave us daddy.

I then procced to go through the maze it took me five hours to get out of that maze I can see the freedom awaits I can almost reach it but the girls closed the door and they said

See we told You can't escape and Never will.

Story is told by DEADBRAINZ


It's cool


Second story BTW I'm not a good wrighter