Okay so when I was 16 I got a new Xbox one after playing 3 hrs straight I heard knocking on my front door when I opened it there was a game actually called a game when played it was like pick a choice

So their was a choice I choose wrong and it said as a punishment one of your friends will die.I just thought it was a joke but the next my friend was killed in her sleep.I played the game again and it said my parents will die in a car accident so I was almost shitting myself cause I was home alone and my parents were out celebrating their anniversary they said they were gonna be home about 3 in the morning.

The next they I got a call saying that my parents had died in a car accident I tried selling the game but the cashiers at GameStop didn't want I tried burning but it didn't burn so I decided to play again this time I was at the end and it said congrats on beating the game and it said now look behind you when I did there was a man with a butcher knife and chopped me into pieces the END....or is it

Story is told by DEADBRAINZ


2nd part will be coming in 2 weeks

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Whst happens next good story