The devils coming for me For my soul I just wanted to be happy I was suffering and sobbing And I thought it would fix everything He’s not climbing through my window He’s knocking on my door I just wish I felt the pain Things are going to perfectly The pain,the pain,the pain It keeps a part of me that’s dying alive The girl ready to have fun The girl ready fight against the odds God is looking at me Wondering whatever happened I used to let it all free Now I smile through it all,because the devil still watches at noon. And I don’t have the time to set all free Because I’m afraid The devils coming for me I made I deal I couldn’t break Hurting and rejected I signed the contract Sold my soul to the keeper of my world And now I,I,I can’t breath right The world is gettin hazy The pill bottle falls with a clang Now I wish I had the strength to fight But now it’s turning out Turning down


Long John

Izzeh I need to talk its urgent

Its darkie btw


Oh hey get on chat, cuz, boredom


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