The Hospital had one mission. Protect the children. We had planned for this. Prepared. We had a stockpile of resources and weapons shipments. The BCH was now a resistance. The ONLY resistance. ~ Joel.


A hail of bullets reigned from the group of helicopters. The enemy didn't stand a chance. One of them decided to kamikaze last second however.

As it closed in on us, Hannah grabbed the gun from my hand and shot the pilot through the windshield. The vehicle veered off and smashed onto the roof, taking a corner off.

It was better then it crushing us I suppose. The lead support landed and Joel stepped out of the cockpit. "Alright, how many for pickup?"

There was a loud rumbling in the distance. We all turned our heads to see a giant dust storm approaching. And where there was an airborne storm....

There was an airborne virus.

Story is told by 100Masks

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