I was sixteen when it had attacked my family, killing my mother and father. Now eight years later I'm back and this time I prepared for it. I never seen what it was but I brought something for every situation. I walked into my old house and was surprised it was still in the condition I left it in eight years ago...even the blood was still fresh which would have sent fear marching to conquer in any normal person. But I knew it was still here living somewhere in the house. After checking the living room, kitchen,and upstairs rooms there was only one place it could be. The basement. I slowly opened the door hearing it creak as the hinges were never oiled properly,the sound still made me shiver though. I walked down slowly step by step pointing my flashlight beam to the wall where the light switch was. I flipped it on to find not one thing out of place, not even dust had settled upon it but it wasn't there. As I turned to go back up the stares I heard chuckling from one of the upstairs bedrooms I ran up the stairs and right to the door where the chuckling was coming from but Fear was marching to conquer my anger and rage. I pushed the door open and there it was sitting on my parents old bed. As I walked toward it, it turned its head almost all the way around and said "welcome home little jimmy" then it disappeared. I spun around to check if it was behind me then the chuckling started again in the living room. I ran down to the edge of the stairs and stopped the battle fear was waging had finally come to an end and fear was victor. I pushed my self to make the first step but I was then pushed down the stairs. I looked up after gathering myself to see it standing there chuckling. I got up and ran to my car then got in and started it and drove off. I didn't look back just kept driving. That night I was alone on the road and I heard "Now the real fun starts little jimmy"....

I'm going to leave the ending to you,what do you think happened?

Story is told by DOOM

Zendaya 017


Zendaya 017

Too good!👏loved it...

Chicken Ari


Ghost girl 78

Good story DOOM