I was kicking and screaming. Yelling for help, yet nobody heard. I was trapped in my nightmares. Which could've been said worse. I can only remember the blood tipping through one of my plug sockets and then the smashing on the window.
It felt traumatising to be an actual target.
What confused me the most was, if you're religious and you kill another religious person, you're killing another one of God's creation(just my opinion).
But getting into the story..

Before anything creepy happened, it started from little to big. It was 23:34 and I felt really hungry. I went to grab a box of lucky charms and filled them in a marble bowl which, I didn't see, were labeled:Take this bowl, karma.
Pouring the milk in, I heard quiet footsteps. It made me froze, and I could tell it wasn't anyone from the family's footsteps because I was home alone. Whenever I hear something like this, I never assume I'm paranoid. I didn't bother to put the milk or the box back, I just ran upstairs,but the footsteps followed me. I sat on my bed and tried to call the police, but no signal, karma I guess. And the funny thing was that I just noticed the title of the marble bowl right now. At this point, I'd rather starve. I opened my closet, and again, I just stopped. My heart was racing and then the curtains from my window started swaying and I was really frightened that I passed out. 6 hours after I passed out everything went back to normal, but no, my parents weren't home yet, or my siblings. I decided to go downstairs again since I couldn't remember what happened. Going into the living room and siting on my polar bear chair, I could've sworn I saw some creature running past, but they weren't small. Only THIS time I assumed I was paranoid. But just why did the news have to be on right now. I tried getting up but for some reason I couldn't!! I started panicking again when the news said there's creatures, like the ones doing backends and others like massive spiders. And the worst part of this moment was... I needed my inhaler.

Story is told by ⛥мคяคм⛥. ●﹏●

Unknown Problem

I like how much effort you'd put into this even though you're foreign - I think? Sorry for assuming but I know you speak a very different and also interesting language.

⛥мคяคм⛥. ●﹏●

Tysm! And yes, I'm new 🙃😁

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If i was that person i would exapet my date good story Also are you new because you just got a new friend me.