Lilly Mason was an ordinary girl! Her mother on the other hand hated her soo much just because she was so popular and everyone loved her! Lilly got a million subs on her YouTube channel! She also got 90m followers on Instagram! But one day changed everything! Bill, Lilly’s farther went to work as normal. Lilly has to do her chores before she went to school! After school she came back and saw Violet, her mother with a knife and fork! Lilly shouted at her mother! “PLEASE STOP,DON’T KILL ME PLEASE DON.....” Her mother looked up and had a grin on her face! “Finally, my stupid,ugly daughter died! But what will Bill say! I will eat her!” No one knew where Violet ran after brutally killing her daughter and eating her!

Story is told by hafsa_thestoryteller

Ghost girl 78

Oh my uhmm part 2