When i was a little girl i had this one doll that i absolutely adored.I wouldn't go anywhere without it.If I lost it i would have the whole house searching for it, Sally (my doll) often told me to push my mom down the stairs or to put rat poison on the food that my mom made. I said no because my parents always told me not to touch that.Sally didn't like my mom she said that my mom didn't want us to play she said she needed to get rid of my mom.I told my mom about what sally said, sally didn't like that she bit my finger that day. I stoped liking sally she was bossy and mean and she made me do really mean things i didn't want to do.She made me squeeze the neck of the neighbor's cat until it stopped moving she told me to hide it in a box under my bed my mom found it one day and i got in a lot of trouble i kept on trying to tell her "SALLY MADE ME DO IT".She yelled at me about how childish I was and took sally away. The next morning i wasnt awoken by the sweet sound of my mothers voice i was awoken by a big thud i went outside to investigate and i found my mom on the bottom of the stairs bleeding from her head and her blank face straing into nothing.My dad came running to investigate the noice he saw me sobbing thats when he saw the lifeless body of my mom.And thats also when i saw it i saw sally sitting peacefully on the top of the stairs smiling with the calmest smile I've ever seen. The cops came soon after they labelled it as an accident but i will forever know what really happened to my mom.I havent owned a doll evet since.The reason im writing this today is because my daughter came in the house today with a worn out doll and told me her name was Sally

Thanks for reading like if you would like to know Sallys backround story also this is my frist story so PLEAS dont judge too hard.(:

Story is told by Silent Killer

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Yes this is to good I wish i could wirte like you.

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Good to know i will start working on it

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I would love to know it