Note:this is from webtoons but it's my own version.i forget some names.

Queen Vel had blasted the Mage from her tower for the millionth time,and she was getting sick of it.her lamia general said,"Queen Vel,why don't you just accept Malori's love?"

Queen Vel blushed."Because she's a filthy human!"Someone comes up behind Vel and wraps their arms around her."My Queen,I would never hurt you..."Vel turns to see Malori has turned into a vampiress.Malori clamps her teeth down on Vel's neck and Vel screams.Queen Vel screams and sits up in bed."it was just a dream." She whispers to herself.then she hears a raspy giggling under the bed...

Story is told by Velverosa

Silent Killer

Lol love that series