It was a cold, summer morning, I had been partying all night and had a terrible hang over. As I tipped my head forward over the toilet bowl, I was struck by a sudden burst in my chest. Unable to move, I struggled to get up on my feet, if only I could get to the medicine cupboard then maybe a couple of heartburn tablets would stop this crippling pain. I could not stand, it was like a force was pulling me back towards the floor each time I tried to inch towards the cupboard. Just then, something shiny caught the corner of my eye, is that.. blood? I screamed hoping that someone would hear my cries and call an ambulance, but my scream came out as a whisper. My phone rang, I picked it up sheepishly, hoping whoever was on the line could perhaps call an ambulance for me; by this time my heart felt like it was about to explode. "Eddie, are you okay? You haven't been answering my texts" it was my Alexa, my girlfriend! "Listen, this might sound crazy, but I need you to ring an ambulance and send it to my house" she sounded shocked, "why are you okay?" She asked, her voice full of concern. "There's no time to explain, just please call an ambulance." But it was too late, I crippled over and hit my head hard off of the toilet. That was the last thing I remember, all I know now is that I am in a coma. They don't know if I'm going to make it, I hope I do, I really miss my family..

Story is told by Spag-Eddie

Lovely Tragedy *Izzy the Physco*

The beginning is actually the story of my life