ATTENTION: This Story Is 09.1% Fictional and 90.1% Real, I changed the Names a Bit...

September 1, 2016
Police Officer Sanchez: We Brought you in to Discuss the Crime at the Gomez Residents Home. The Homicide/Suicide case of Their Daughter a couple of days ago, We believe You are a suspect for the death of Natalie. Witnesses claim to have saw you walk out with blood on your hands. It could have been anyone. But after all she was your Girlfriend at the time of the murder. Please look at the photos at the crime scene i displayed on the Bulletin Board.

Me: I did not murder her. If that's what your implying.

Police officer Sanchez: We found Your fingerprints on the Victims Body, The Murder weapon, And Inside of the residents Home. Wanna tell me what you were doing Hiding at the crime scene if you Didn't kill her?

Me: I was Frightened to be arrested...

Police Officer Sanchez: Usually the Victim has Fright, Not the killer. Fear wouldn't take control of You.

Me: I did not murder her.

Police Officer Sanchez: we have the evidence, We have Proof. No point in lying anymore.

Me: I did Not Murder her! I don't know why she wanted to die.

Police Officer Sanchez: So your saying it was suicide?

Me: Idk...

Police Officer Sanchez: How do you not know if you killed her or not? It's either a Yes or a No.

Me: there are times You Gotta Do something that You don't wanna Do But have to... Don't you?

Police Officer Sanchez: What are you talking about?

Me: You Have to do something someone ask you to do even though you don't wanna do it, If You Love them you would do it.

Police Officer Sanchez: Are you Saying She wanted you to kill her?

Me: Yes...

Police Officer Sanchez; Why would she want that?

Me: Idk, I knew she took Antidepressants But She was never suicidal, even if she was, She wouldn't think of doing it. I believe She was afriad to Do it so she asked me to.

Police Officer Sanchez: If what your telling me is true, It will be difficult to justify Whether you are Innocent or not.

Me: Why?

Police Officer Sanchez; This is not the first Homicide case you were apart of. There are 3 other events of Domestic Violence In your criminal record.

Me: Those events were Gang affiliated but i left that life.

Police Officer Sanchez: That may be so but It's gonna be hard to Believe A Ex Gang Member with a criminal record of violence in the past, Did not kill...

Me: Sounds Hard to believe but it's true

Police Officer Sanchez: Tell me, How many people have you Robbed at Gunpoint?

Me: over 25

Police Officer Sanchez: Ok, How many people have You Attacked?

Me: over 15

Police Officer Sanchez: Ok... How many People have You Killed?

Me: 1

Police officer Sanchez: Why?

Me: * Looks down *

Police Officer Sanchez: Answer the question.

Me: I have the right to use the Fifth Amendment.

Police Officer Samchez: We're Done, you Can Leave.

Story is told by The REAPER


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People forget, This is REAL, Hell I know it ain't scary but it's a memory i could never forget. Read before disliking it...

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For some of you don't know This is based on My Old Gf Nancy... Read the story True Event...



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