My mommy told me to hide in my box.... and don’t come out.... My mommy is doing something sounds like mommy is putting dirt on my box... I wonder what my mommy is doing with my box...I’m coming out..... My mommy buried me and I can’t get out of the box in the dirt... but mommy is telling me from up there not to climb out cause she have a surprise...I miss my teddy... 7 years later.... I will never disobey my mommy ever again....mommy said she buried me in my box to make me shut up... I couldn’t breath for a while and one day I heard a big pound on my box and it was a knife poking everywhere in my box... A lady I don’t know was telling me to breath from on top of my box in the dirt... I was scared and missed my mommy... That lady helped me out of my box out of the dirt and said she my new mommy... She a good mommy.... I hope my new nice mommy don’t bury me...

Story is told by Sadie Writes!

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Ghost girl 78


Sadie Writes!

I wrote this a month ago and was saving it

Sadie Writes!

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Sorry. But this is based on another person's story, you need to credit them