⚠️WARNING⚠️ after the following story throw your Polaroid in the trash like “YAH! YEET!” 🤣🤣🤣 jk do whatever ya want after dis!👌-,- Whooooy YAAAH!!!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Me and my friend “PATRITICIAAAAA!!!!”Jk! Me and my friend Trish were going to the town fall festival on Friday night so we went together but we found this weird old camera lookin’ THANG!!! So, I picked it up like a fReAkInG RETARDED PERSON and took it freaking HOME!!! When I looked on the camera which is freaking CREEPY!!!, yes, I’m a creep.. ik... ;-; I saw weird freaking photos!!!! I was like “ Oh MaH gAwD!” one of the photos had a freaking RaT!!!!, in the photo!!! Then another with a freaking BUG and I HATE bUgS!!! I mean.. who does?? ;-; welp, byyyye!!! :p

Story is told by Sadie Writes!

Sadie Writes!

Thanks and I will!

Ghost girl 78

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Ghost girl 78

That made me laugh good story. All those people who voted bored are HATERS. I voted scared.