Rhonda is a single hispanic school teacher who is also a hopeless romantic. She lives alone and is very independent but she feels empty inside.. Something is missing and she knows just what to do.
Its Friday night so Rhonda decided to go out to a bar. She figured if she made the time to have a social life she would fine someone who could possibly fall in love with her..
She sat down at the first seat she saw empty,right at the bar. She ordered a apple martini and drank that. Than she ordered another apple martini and 1 more after that. Now she is wavy and has to use the ladies room. So now Rhonda is basically drunk and she is at the sink with her head down and she hears a toilet flush. The women came out the stall. She stood right beside Rhonda. When Rhonda put her head up and looked in the mirror She saw it! Herself was standing right beside her and she was crying blood. She screamed and said this can't be happening and ran out of the bar. When Rhonda got home soon as she arrived the phone rang. She said Hello! The voice said why did you leave? Rhonda said and who is this? The voice said Its Rhonda. Please! Don't leave me!
Rhonda said leave me alone! And the phone begin to drip blood.. She dropped the phone and ran upstaires to her bedroom where she cried all night until she fell asleep..
The next morning. It is now 8:45. She woke up to the smell of bacon and bananas. Rhonda grabbed her bat and began to walk downstairs to the kitchen. As she peaked in she saw a women from the back washing her hands at the sink. Rhonda jumped out and said who are you and wtf are you doing in my house?? The women turned around and said ITS ME Rhonda! I love you!

Story is told by BestSeller